Sunday, August 7, 2011

Honey Bees

At last we have a hive of honey bees at the garden.  They were rescued from a (people) house and moved into a hive 50 feet back from our garden shed.  Natalie Sadler is the wonderful person who installed them and will be caring for them.  The bees and their honey and hive belong to her, but we get the benefit of their pollinating skills, the sound of their happy buzzing, and the sight of their brownish bodies dancing among the flowers all during the growing season.  They definitely add a healthy new element to the garden.
Here they are zipping in and out of their entrance.  Their entrance faces east to catch the morning sun and is backed by shade trees so they aren't too hot in the afternoon. 

Here is a full shot of their hive.  Such a beautiful shade of cedar red!

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