Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fall Bed Prep

What a wonderful morning it was this morning.  Viorica (our 3rd grade teacher) and I met at the garden and nearly finished prepping a bed for fall leaf crops.  We weeded and trenched it.  Then we laid down cardboard and wood chips all the way around it and covered 2/3 of the bed with compost.

Tomorrow we'll add a little bone meal, give the whole thing a good stirring and spray it with Pfeiffer field and garden prep.  Once all that is done, we'll plant arugula and dill.  Lettuce will go in this bed next Tuesday as it needs to wait a bit so that the weather will be cooler by the time it sprouts.  

Depending on how much help I get tomorrow and how much energy we have after we finish our new bed, we may do some much needed weeding and feeding of the basil, asparagus and sorrel beds as well.

I'll be at the garden from 8 AM to noon tomorrow (Monday, 8/8).  Please come help any time during those 4 hours if you have the time and want a good workout.  :-)

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