Friday, August 5, 2011


Here is a series of pictures from this spring when Jennifer Greene of the Water Research Institute of Blue Hill came to Emerson Farm to build flow forms.  It was quite a process.  First we cleaned and oiled all of the molds, then we bolted them together and poured carefully mixed concrete into each one.  Grades 2, 3, and 9 all had a chance to get involved.  Below you can see grade 2 with a grouping of recently poured molds.

Once the molds have been poured and had a chance to set up a little bit, they are moved to another area where they can safely stay after the molds are removed.  Below is a recently moved form waiting to be unbolted.

Before the bolts can be removed, Grace (one of our adult volunteers) knocks off excess concrete with a rubber mallet and chisel.

Here you can see some of our second graders removing bolts so that the form can be released.

Here is a finished section of flow form.

When all was done, some of our 2nd graders went around and cleaned up excess concrete chips.  Got to keep the farm clean!

Emerson Farm is keeping one of the flow forms and installing it in the garden.  Eventually we hope to use it for stirring some of our biodynamic preps.  If you are interested in seeing what our form will look like, check out this link.

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