Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Asparagus and Parsley Looking Good

Therisa and I cleaned up and edged the asparagus patch today.  There were still quite a few little parsley plants hiding amongst the weeds.  Asparagus and parsley are planted together because the two plants boost each other's vitality.  It's clear that the asparagus provides a cool, shady place for the parsley to hide during the hot summer months.  I'm not sure what the parsley does for the asparagus, but I suspect that it's odor helps to keep away asparagus loving bugs.
Here is the asparagus patch before we got started.
And here it is once we were finished.

This is one of the many parsley plants we found hidden amongst the weeds.  It was so nice to see that they survived the summer.
I also planted arugula, dill, mustard, chard and collards in the leaf bed.  The arugula we planted last week is already up.  It's so exciting to see the fall crops starting!

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