Saturday, November 9, 2013

What To Do With Daikon

Third grade parent Dave Swanson sent me this photo of what to do with daikon radishes.  Since people often ask me that very question at the market table, I thought I'd post it.  He didn't give me the recipe, but it looks to me like he sauteed daikon slices, and shiitake, maybe with a little soy sauce and then threw the avocado chunks in afterward.  (He told me there is shiitake in the mix, otherwise I'd never know).  Looks tasty!

7th Grade Farm Feast

The 7th Grade finished up their farm experience this semester with a feast featuring food made with ingredients from the farm thus completing the connection between farm and table. 

First we met and chatted briefly about our farm block and what we liked best about it.

We had a quick blessing for the bounty of our harvest.

We were awed by how beautiful all of our food choices were.

One unexpected treat was late summer watermelon that grew straight out of the compost pile, probably from seed that came from last spring's Field Day watermelons.
At last we formed a line an started filling our plates.

Then, we dug in and ate.  Everything was delicious. 

As a final good by to gardening block, some of us became beautiful fairies!?!

The End.

Breeding Nutrition Out of Food

Here is a link to an interesting graphic recently published in the NY Times that shows how some of our foods have changed as we have changed the way grow them - from wild to current production methods.