Monday, August 8, 2011

Bed for leaf crops finished

Alyson and I finished the new leaf bed this morning.  You can just see the yellow flags that show where we planted dill, arugula and mustard.  This bed took 7 people hours to complete so I've decided to forgo the second leaf bed and just plant fewer leaf crops this fall.  I think the next bed we prep will take less time because it was planted in cover crop this summer which is now breaking down to provide more nitrogen for our root crops.  Below is a picture of the bed next to it still covered with crowder peas (also known as black eyed peas), a cover crop that helps build nitrogen.
And here is the bed that we will be prepping for root crops on Friday (8/12).  I'll be working at the farm from 8 AM to noon then.  Please come and help out if you are able. 

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