Friday, December 27, 2013

Bonfire with the 3rd Grade!

One of the great things about the weather getting colder is a nice bonfire! The third grade got to enjoy burning some of the wood pile, and also enjoy eating and roasting radishes and sorrel from the garden! A couple Kindergarten students were also there to join the fun!

At the end, they had fun putting the fire out with water, and also getting in a group circle to taste broccoli fresh from the garden! One finger up meant they wanted to try broccoli a little and two fingers up meant they liked broccoli a lot! Many realized it tastes a lot fresher than store bought broccoli, with a much different flavor!

BBBBiscuits! 8th Grade Farm Business

The 8th Grade has been busy working on a farm based business making garlic, cheddar, chive biscuit dough from scratch in the school kitchen. They named their business  BBBBiscuits! and offered pre-ordered frozen biscuit dough for pick up just before school got out for Christmas.  They had to limit sales quite a bit for fear of not being able to keep up with demand.  So far they have learned about supply and demand, gross vs. net profits, just how much work it takes to come up with and make a product, bottom line (profit) vs. triple bottom line (profit, social good and environmental good), and more. 

Sarah reads the recipe while Daniel and Denis add together the dry ingredients.

Here are all of our dry ingredients, ready for butter and buttermilk.
Alex cuts up the fresh butter to add to the mix.
Camilla cuts in the butter using a pastry blender.

Daniel and Denis concentrate on mincing garlic and chives.

Sarah Sophia just sticks with the garlic.

I'm not sure what Daniela and Sarah are doing here.  Maybe trying to decide if Daniel and Denis did a good enough job?

A few pointers on chopping from our adult baking volunteer of the day, Jeanne.

Many thanks to our photographer, Anne Haas, for taking such beautiful photos.