Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Preparing for Winter

At last we have had our first light frost.  It's time to start preparing for winter and working on winter projects.  Third grade started building a chicken tractor this week.  The Seniors started digging out a fire pit for a bonfire on Santa Lucia night... 

And seventh grade finished preparing the garden for cold weather. 

 They set up hoops for cloches,

found the right sized plastic for covering,

and covered all the beds that needed it;  four altogether.

They also put away the drip hoses...

... and started preparing a bed for our raspberries.

In addition to winterizing, some of our crew weeded the broccoli/artichoke bed.

Others cleaned the chicken coop.

 The chickens chose that time to go get some water.

 Maite was our photographer this week.

 She spent a lot of time observing people and things in relation to the fencing at the farm.



View from inside the coop.

 A few close ups...


Artichoke leaf

 Winter rose

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