Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Study of Light and Shadow

This week our 7th grade got straight to work with some hard labor.  We are building a shed on Nov. 17 and 18 and the footings need to be dug ahead of time.  This is not easy work.  The soil is hard. There are rocks, roots and old posts to contend with, every class from 7th grade up has had a chance to work on this project...

This is Daniel contemplating the hole he must dig, or maybe the root he must overcome.

 Daniel and Leland have decided that a mattock is their best friend for this job.

One of the 6 holes that need to be dug 2'X2' and 1' deep.

Those that didn't work on digging holes cleaned the chicken coop instead.

 Camilla and MacKenzie bring fresh wood chips to the coop

 One of the pleasures of cleaning the coop is finding eggs.

 Sarah returns the left over wood chips.

 Everyone had a chance to stir the fall Biodynamic application of Barrel Compost and Horn Manure.

Batian was our photographer this week.  

 Here he is in shadow form.

 And here he is for the first of his eye pictures.

 Daniel was the other eye model.

 From shadows and eyes, Batian moved on to light...

 OK, maybe not quite the same.  

He also took some interesting pictures from around the farm...

Pine cone

 After the pine cone.

 Inside the pin oak.

Another view from inside the pin oak.

 Inside the tool shed.

 Long board.

 View through the grass.

Hose spray. 

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