Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Winter Projects

Cooler weather and shorter days are upon us now.  At last it feels as if the weeds are (sort of) under control.  Now is the time for projects.

Thanks to the start of the new shed, the area just north of the garden is a regular construction zone.

Ms. Miller supervises the building of two new chicken tractors.

Camilla helps out with chicken tractor building by sitting on a board to hold it in place.  If only all jobs were this easy!

Winter fiddles with a tool.

Sarah attaches the top side support.

Both Sarah's take a break to admire their work.

Meanwhile, another crew sets up a work station for preparing the siding for the shed.

First they mark the board ends for trimming.  We need to remove any splits.

Leland and Natty bring the saw for trimming.

Another crew stirred equisetum preparation for spraying over the whole garden.  Equisetum helps to keep fungus and bacteria in the soil where it helps plant roots gain access to the minerals they need.  It also helps to keep fungus and bacteria from growing above the soil on the upper part of plants where they can do a lot of damage.

One more group worked on preparing a new space against the fence for our raspberries.

 It was a very warm day for December.  Alex needed a break.

Come to think of it, so did everyone else who was digging in the sun.

Sarah and Camilla take a break on the hay bails they helped to move.

Many thanks to Mia who was our photographer for the day.

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