Tuesday, November 20, 2012

New Shed and Flow Form

This weekend was very productive at Emerson Farm.  We made huge progress on both our new shed and the flow form that second and third grades helped to pour in spring of 2011.

First Thace, Malcolm and Cail cleaned off the slab.

Georg and Charlie measured and cut the posts.

 Keith and Shawn set the posts upright.

David cut the fascia.

Once the rafters were on, it really started to look like a shed.

On Sunday we got the roof on.  On Monday a group of students from the high school put up a few more nailer boards, added missing nails where they belonged, and cleaned up the site a little.  By close of day the rototiller had already moved in.

 There were enough helpers that we were actually able to work on a second much needed project as well.  Maurice York came and helped us get moving on the flow form project which had stalled out last spring. 

 Shawn, Chris and little Zoe helped Maurice finish digging out the hole for the largest pond liner.  Jake, Oliver, Nicholas and Anthony, who were in 10th grade at the time, started this hole last year, but the rains came and kept the hole full of water until just recently so they were unable to finish last school year.

 Nice, Therisa, Zoe and Maurice did a lot of shoveling and packing of earth to create the burm and track on which the flow forms will rest.  Next comes gravel, sand, pipes and a pump. 

Many thanks to Keith Bartholomew, our fearless leader in the shed project and Maurice York, our fearless leader in the flow form project.  Without the two of them, these projects would not be happening.  Thank you to the 10th, 11th and 12th grade service crews, the entire 7th grade class, and Ian Ostrowski for overcoming rocks and enormous roots to dig the holes for the footers.  Thank you to 11th grader Anthony Day for designing the building.  For coming out and working all day Saturday, Sunday or both thank you to David Valleroy, Pat McKenzie, Chris and Therisa Pienaar, Charlie and Tom Viles, Glenn Peirce, Patrick Dyess, Nice Polido, Ennio Aversano, Shawn, Cail and Tace Sullivan, Georg and Malcolm Buehler, and Francisco Plaza.  For the amazing food we had to sustain us all weekend, thank you to Kathleen Jackson, Joelle Ramos, Kelly Jones, Janet Buehler and Therisa Pienaar.  If anyone notices that I missed someone, please let me know.  The oversight is not intentional!

As you can see, these projects are both well under way, but they are not yet finished.  Stay tuned for another work weekend...

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