Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Snakes and Scarecrows

Third grade planted parsley, mustard, kale and cilantro today in addition to the usual tasks of composting, cleaning up the site for our beehives in spring, and digging the fence line trench.  They also finished the scarecrows and stood them up.
This fellow has a mustache and beard, but the mustache ended up higher than expected so it looks a bit like an eyebrow.

The demolition crew in the beehive area also found a beautiful little garden snake that everyone got to admire and touch before its finder took it away to a nice quiet spot and set it free.
We noticed that it worked very hard to pull its head back and flatten its body so that its markings stood out as clearly as possible when it was afraid - making it look more like a poisonous snake might look.  When we observed it quietly and calmly it went back to looking like a regular striped garden snake.

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