Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sweet Potatoes and Garlic

Our photographer for 7th grade this week is Noah.  Here he is showing us his artistic eye.

Our main tasks this week were planting garlic and harvesting sweet potatoes.  Below you can see some of the lovely biodynamic Chrysalis Rose garlic sent to us by Meadowlark Hearth Farm in the panhandle of Nebraska.

Making rows for planting.

Meanwhile Ms. Miller supervises the harvesting of sweet potatoes.

 It's fascinating work, digging for buried treasure.
 And the treasures to be found are plentiful.

A few pictures from around the farm.

The old sign that marks our garden gate.

Noah's sister, Sarah.

Our stinging nettle patch.  Watch out for this plant.  It bites, but a tea made from the leaves is nourishing for people, plants and soil.

Dill will be ready for its first harvest soon.

Okra has finished its season.

The bees enjoyed a warm day.

 Carter is a hard worker. 

In case you were wondering what his face looks like, a rare shot indeed!

View from the dogwood in the meeting spot.

Batian shows us how to properly enjoy sorrel.

And Denis shows us how you know that you've enjoyed it properly.

Shadow friends.

Stepping stone made by 3rd grade last winter.


Washing hands at the end of the day.

Noah took a lot of pictures trying to catch someone in mid-air.  Success at last...

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