Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Change in the Weather!

The perfect storm this week brought us much colder weather.

And rain.

In spite of the cold and wet we spent the first part of class separating the weeds from the plants.  Maybe if we stood shoulder to shoulder and only weeded a few square feet each, we would keep each other warm and finish so quickly that our fingers wouldn't have time to get cold.

We gave it a valiant try.

It isn't easy to play find the cilantro when your fingers are numb. 

MacKenzie takes a break from all that discerning work to think for a minute.

Soon we moved on to sifting compost.

 And spreading it in a second bed for the garlic.

Noah pounded in supports for winter coverings for the beds. 

Our photographer for the day was Sarah.

Here is some of what she saw around the farm.

Pink flowers.

The fountain project, still waiting to be done.  Hopefully we'll get to work on it during the shed raising weekend (Nov. 17 and 18).

Moonflower and Sunshine, new hens visiting us courtesy of Ennio in 4th grade

Baby lettuces will soon be ready for picking.

Silas and Finigan graze nearby

Fall is definitely here.

Blueberry bush dressed up for fall.

Red berries.
This huge pin oak dominates the pump area and provides cooling shade in summer.

Bee balm.

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