Friday, April 11, 2014

Early Spring with 3rd grade

Here are a few more photos of third grade from late February, sent in by Rula Mouawad. 

The children have been training the chickens to love them and coming running to them whenever they show up by bringing food, and by never, ever chasing them.  It's working very well.  Whenever there are children there are chickens.  Some of them are even allowing themselves to be picked up without chasing!

One of our projects lately has been to sort the enormous wood pile into more usable stacks.  Here you can see the children gathered around what remains of the original woodpile with the small brush for burning in the foreground.

Some of the wood needed to be cut into more manageable lengths with hand saws

The medium diameter wood got carried to a big pile in the parking lot where Mr. Ostrowski can turn it into wood chips.  We'll let the wood chips compost for 6 months to a year and then use them as mulch in the garden.

Most exciting event of all, our farm assistant, Kristin, returned with baby Josh on the outside instead of hidden on the inside!  He has the sweetest smile and all of us love it when he shines it our way.

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