Wednesday, April 2, 2014

3rd Grade Compost, Spinach, and Peas!

In between the cold February days a few warmer days appeared bringing the 3rd grade out to the farm again!

First compost bins from many different classrooms were brought out and added to the big compost heap with pitch forks.

The children had fun throwing mulch on the compost heap as well! :)

Another group took to weeding the spinach beds, which fared very well through the cold months!

 Yet another group took to sifting soil for getting another garden bed ready for planting peas! They loved using the shovels and big sifter. . .

Peas were planted carefully. . . 

More odds and ends were brought with wheelbarrows to the compost heap or to the firepit!

 At the end, children asked and answered questions about their farm experience. . .

In closing, Mary Beth leads a lovely song and goodbye before the children head back to main campus. The feeling of Spring is definitely in the air, and things will soon come to full life again on Emerson Farm!

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