Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Where Does Good Soil Come From?

This week high school senior, Shay, took a turn with the camera...

 Jonah's working on fixing a hose


 Jon likes persimmons.  Or maybe he doesn't.  It's hard to tell.

 And now the story of how good soil is made...

 This is Finnigan.

 This is Finnigan's pasture.  Yum, yum.

 Finnigan eats the grass in the pasture and turns it into horse apples.

 Here comes third grade.  They will mix Finnigan's horse apples with lots of weeds, kitchen scraps and specially prepared herbal treatments in a big compost pile.  The pile will "digest" for about 6 months, then 3rd grade will sift the rich, fresh soil they made, put it on a bed, plant something in the bed and voila...

 Something yummy for people to eat. 

 And now a few words from our sponsor...




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