Saturday, September 15, 2012

Weeding, Stirring Equisetum, Dining and Pictures of the Farm

This week 7th grade started with pulling some enormous weeds leftover from summer.  

Pull these weeds please!

Are these big enough?

 Don't worry.  I've got these.

 Who's been working harder?

Wait a minute!  Are we pulling weeds or singing opera here?

Off to the compost pile with all the weeds...  Well, most of them anyways.

Leland to the rescue.  "I'll help you with those weeds Noah!"

 Finally!  I think we've gotten them all.

We finished up by stirring fermented equisetum.  Equisetum is a tea made from horsetail which is allowed to sit until it ferments.  It is stirred with rain water and sprinkled over the garden to keep fungi in the ground where they belong, not on the plants where it causes rotting and blight.  Third grade arrived next and did the sprinkling.

This is Natty, our photographer of the day, thinking hard about what he'd like to photograph.  I know!  Pictures of our break area would be great. 

Looking up.

Looking down.

A view from inside the garden.

 The chickens worked hard too in their mobile chicken tractor.

 Our only surviving chick died.  Rest in peace Penguin.

Somebody needs to clean up this kitchen.

Carter found gourds hiding in the weeds.

MacKenzie made us Panzanella salad over bruschetta with basil from the garden.

Thank you MacKenzie.  It was delicious!

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