Friday, July 22, 2011

Farm Camp

It is an unfortunate fact that the more that is happening at the farm, the less time there is to post about it on the blog. This spring was a whirl of activity that included building flow forms, prepping beds for cover and summer crops, selling our early spring crops at the school farmer's market, harvesting the wheat, rye and garlic and planting pumpkins with the rising third grade. Now most everyone is off on vacation with rising third grade parents and a few regular summer volunteers caring for the garden over the summer.

Below I was hoping to share with you a picture of our Farm Summer Camp group. They have been braving the early morning heat to come out and weed, harvest and water for a short time before they head back to main campus to recover in the shade and avail themselves of the AC when the heat is unbearable. The last two days have had highs in the 100's. Any amount of time spent in the garden at these temperatures deserves a badge of honor! Unfortunately I can't share the pic because the computer I am using won't cooperate. Gotta love technology!

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