Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cooking Blog

Interested in using fresh foods from the garden to cook up healthy meals from scratch?  You might check out the From Processed to Pure food blog by Donna Bauman.

Here is her self description in case you need a little information before you go and check out her blog:

I consider myself first generation holistic when it comes to food. I have no familial road map to guide me in my fascination with things fermented. For most of my life I ate without really paying attention to what was IN my food. In early adulthood I outsourced much of my nutrition to supermarket packaged goods and restaurants. The transformation back to the kitchen has many chapters. When I became a mother to four children I started to see how food choices could have a big impact on our quality of life. This motivated me to challenge everything and I started reading food labels. And along the way, when I least expected it, I fell in love. With real food. So much that the girl who took shop class instead of home economics in junior high as an act of civil disobedience became the woman who has now donned her apron not out of obligation but with pride and boundless enthusiasm. If we change our kitchens, we can change our world. I am honored to share some of this journey back to the kitchen with you!

Bon Appetit!

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  1. I am honored to be linked to this fabulous garden!