Monday, January 31, 2011

The Last One

Bradley - our tireless trench digger has done a heroic job of digging a trench around our fence line so that we can put in an apron of chicken wire below ground to help keep out the critters.  The south side of our fence was bordered by a row of large river birch trees whose roots were reaching into the 3rd row of beds. Using only muscle, mattock, shovel and axe Bradley has conquered them all!

Here I am on 15 Jan 2011, holding up what I affectionately call “The Last One” – the last big birch tree root I dug up during trenching the south fence line of the Emerson School’s Farm’s Garden.
The school’s Kubota tractor is in the background.  The building way in the background, with the slanted plastic roof, is the greenhouse
A picture of some weirdly “welded” together birch tree roots – this hunk of roots was a real pain to dig up – besides all the cross-links you see here, there were other roots diving down into the earth from this complex of roots.

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