Sunday, October 27, 2013

Watermelon, Horses and Rabbit, Oh My!

The 3rd Grade met at the farm and gathered as a group for questions before splitting up to do tasks.


Watermelon that grew out of the compost pile from seed that came from last spring's Field Day was collected on the table. 

 After chores were done, the horses were paid a small visit and given a few apples!


One group planted oats.

Another group emptied classroom compost buckets and rinsed them out.

Some of the children were sent to get hay to cover the compost.  They seem to have gotten a little distracted!

A small blue tailed skink was found and given some water on this very bright and hot day!

Another group weeded the raspberry bushes and even got to taste a few!

A caterpillar was just barely dangling from the fence.  We watched it over the next few days and found that it was forming a chrysalis.

The beekeeper, Annallys Goodwin Landher, also came to the farm that day and visited with 3rd grade while the chickens roamed about.

Our bunny, Mr. Gustavo, received lots of attention!

Photos and narration by Anne Haas.

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