Saturday, September 14, 2013

Filling in Holes and Digging up Roots

This week, the 7th Grade took part in some maintenance work, reconnecting to the farm with a lot of laughter and a little sweat!


One group gathered wheelbarrows and filled the fire pit with dirt from another area, rescuing it from it's recent role as a "mosquito birthing center" and bringing it back to fire pit glory by packing it down. How did they pack it so tightly? Jumping of course! You didn't have to twist their arm to do that. Much fun was had filling, jumping and stomping in the fire pit!

Another group faced the challenge of using teamwork to uproot a few deep weed roots in the horse field, first by hacking away around them, and then digging deep to shovel them out. Along the way, they discovered a small and harmless snake, and some interesting spiders.

A couple students connected with the chickens by finding some grubs for them. The wonderful thing about the chickens at Emerson Farm is that they are used to being around many children, so they are super friendly!

Photos and narration by Anne Haas.

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