Friday, May 17, 2013

A Beautiful Day for Flowers

This Monday was a flower day on the Biodynamic calendar and the garden made the best of it.  It was cool and sunny with a slight breeze that made the plants and flowers dance and kept everyone's spirits high.

Noah and Alex went to the horse barn to collect rain water for the new jauche barrel.  Our jauche is made of a mix of weeds and rain water, allowed to ferment for 3 weeks or more and then poured on our plants as a liquid compost.

Meanwhile, Maite and Mia fill up a wheelbarrow with some finished jauche so they can feed the flowers.

Mia didn't much care for the smell of the jauche.

But the smell of the flowers they were feeding more than made up for it.

Even though it doesn't smell so good, it is beautiful work.

And in honor of our flowers, here are just a few that were blooming on Monday.


Giant Allium

Mustard Greens

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