Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fermented Weed Tea

This week we began applying fermented weed tea to the beds again.  Fermented weed tea is pretty much what it sounds like.  We fill a large barrel about half full of weeds, then add water to the top and wait at least three weeks.  The result is a nutrient rich, liquid compost that can be used to water the plants and give them a boost.  According to biodynamic thought, the concentrated remains of the weeds also discourages those particular varieties of weeds from growing again.  Below are some pictures of our weed tea and a few other pictures of the day, taken by Pascal.

Emptying the weed tea barrel.

Carrying weed tea to the garden.

 Annalyse, our beekeeper.

Bee smoker.
 Daniel weeds the parsley.

Tendril on one of last year's vines.

Senposai, ready to be put into a bed.

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