Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Series of Portraits

Our garden is in a constant state of preparation for spring now which means weeding, prepping beds and planting.  We've also temporarily lost our irrigation system so we are lugging water from the rain catchment system to the beds in wheelbarrows and watering by hand.  The third grade team assigned to the task loved it, but it's a tough task for a lone adult on the weekends!

Leland was our 7th grade photographer this week.  He took some really nice "portraits" of his classmates.  Enjoy!




 Sarah Sophia

 Sarah Grace

Batian loves weeding!

And the artichokes love him for doing it.

Noah found a stick!

MacKenzie and Noah discuss life after death.  Do you go to heaven?  Simply cease to exist?  Get reincarnated?  If there is a heaven, what's it like and where is it?  The questions are endless!  The conversations that get started while weeding can get pretty deep.

Meanwhile, Pascal suspects the approach of pirates.

Maybe they are hiding under the chicken coop?

 Natty with purple dead nettle.

And purple dead nettle with Winter.

Prepping beds means adding the rich compost that's been digesting all year.


Bug tunnels on firewood.

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