Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Farm in Winter

Some of seventh grade continued work on the chicken tractors this week.  Third grade was unable to come out because we had a deluge just as class was supposed to start and many boots and raincoats were still at home for the Holiday Break.

Sarah, Winter and Camilla discuss what to do next on the chicken tractors with Ms. Miller

Mia, Carter, Noah and Batian prepare to sift compost for planting artichoke and tomato seeds in flats for the greenhouse.

Noah, Carter and Batian wait, with their full wheelbarrow, for me to find the flats.

Batian takes a break.

 Our photographer this week is MacKenzie.

 She took a lot of lovely shots of the farm...


These are cedar poles waiting for their next task.  We use them to make trellises, hold down tarps, prop things up, you name it.

The chicken coop and hay bales as seen from the meeting spot.

Oreo, our lead bantam hen. 

Elephant (white hen) and an as yet unnamed hen.  Elephant was named for her size.  Someone had a sense of humor.  I doubt she weighs more than a pound.

Some of the horse pasture.

An unclaimed flow form hiding in the leaves.

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