Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Volunteer Schedule - February 19 to 25, 2012

Even though we are having a break from school this week, the needs of the garden are growing as the amount of sunlight increases and we move towards warmer weather.  Please come help if you're looking for something to do over the break!

Wednesday, February 22 from 1 to 3:  We'll start prepping an area for a mix of flowers that hummingbirds love, plant some marigold seeds in flats, finish weeding and feed the big shade bed for flowers, and edge up another bed for flowering annuals.

Friday, February 24 from 1 to 3:  We'll plant a flat each of lettuce and chard for indoor starting, plant spinach, dill and cilantro in the beds, weed the sorrel and start prepping another bed for spring planting.

Saturday, February 25 from 1 to 3:  We'll clean out the greenhouse, move rocks, retire our old scarecrows, clean up the fire ring and move some soil to even out some "dents" at the front of the garden.

If you guessed that last week's picture was of 2 Praying Mantis egg sacs, you were right.

Picture of the Week

This is one of the early spring bouquets that made an appearance at the farm volunteer's party on Sunday.  Stay tuned for more pictures of the party.  

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