Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Farm Work Days December 11 to 31, 2011

In the interest of simplifying so that we can all enjoy the holiday season, there will be no Farm Work Days until the start of the new year.  When we get to January, we'll work on cleaning up some sheds, wood chipping paths between the beds, finishing the fence and other basic maintenance.  Meanwhile, enjoy December and Happy Holidays!

Picture of the Week
Here is a lovely cameo of our rototiller which Bradley Dokter cleaned up and repaired a month or two ago.  It runs beautifully and does a great job.  Unfortunately I don't have the arm strength to get it started.  When will they invent ignition started mowers and rototillers?  Maybe they already have and I just haven't heard about it?  Anyone out there got sufficient arm strength to start a cranky motor who would be willing to come to the farm on demand and start this thing up for me?  ;-)  

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