Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Work Days December 4 through 10, 2011

We'll have another long work day this week on Friday,  December 9 from 11 AM until 3 PM.

Maurice York, who came to help build flow forms with us last spring, will be here to help install one of them.  He'll be laying pipe and we'll be offering assistance as needed.

When Maurice doesn't need us we'll weed the root bed, add a layer of manure to the compost pile, finish prepping D1 and prep D6 for spring planting.

Picture of the Week

Here you can see one of the scarecrows that last year's third grade built.  He is keeping watch over our jauche barrel.  

The jauche is a fermented weed tea made from the sort of creeping weeds that are difficult to keep out of garden beds.  The weeds fill the barrel about 2/3 full, then water is added to fill it entirely.  The whole thing is covered with screen to keep mosquitos from laying their eggs.  I stir it as often as I think of it with a pitchfork.  Once it's all rotted down, the solid stuff will be added to the compost pile.  The liquid will be sprayed over the garden.  The liquid both nourishes our veggies and attenuates the growth of the weeds that it is made from.

Eventually I hope to have 4 of these jauche barrels for all our creeping weeds to go into so they have less opportunity to infest our compost pile.  All 4 barrels will have a spot outside the garden once this one is finished and spread.  They STINK! when the rotting process first starts - so much so that they'll make even the most stoic adult long for a clothespin on the nose.  

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