Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tomatoes, Compost and Root Veggies

The Militante family, Renee and Felix Jr. and Senior came out to help weed the tomatoes last Sunday.  The bed was full of tall weeds.  They went through the bed with amazing speed and efficiency so now we can actually see the tomato plants and their fruit.

Yesterday Loren's dad, Zach spent the full four hour work time out at the garden.  Zach works full time at Minka Farm  so he brought a lot of good advice with him and we flew through the task list.  We  added several thick layers to the compost:

and planted a section of carrots, beets and radishes in the root bed:

Rula and her youngest son also helped with weeding the sweet potatoes.  The fence is only about half finished so the plants are still lacking a lot of their foliage because of 4 legged marauders that keep getting in, but at least they aren't competing with the weeds for sunlight and water any more.  

Zach also had a look at our leeks and declared them more than ready for harvesting.  They'll be for sale at the first fall market.  

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