Saturday, December 4, 2010

Garden Poetry

It's cold outside and if you are like many of us in Central NC, you are watching the first snow of the season!  We are still working hard in the garden this past week, despite the quick onset of winter weather.  We are continuing to turn over beds and prepare them for the Spring.  The garden is slowly taking on it's winter form and even as the Summer and Fall plants succumb to wintry temperatures, the garden continues to be a beautiful place full of life.  

We sometimes forget about the warm days in the garden when winter is here.  So, while you warm your feet by the fire and find shelter from the snowy weather, enjoy this poem from one of the Emerson Waldorf High School students who participated in the Biodynamic Gardening Elective this Fall with Mary Beth Mueller.

The Garden
By Brooke Hollar
The root of life,
Moulded into one setting,
Is spurred on by the cycle of the cosmos.

The womb of the earth
Thirsts for the fluid of Adam's ale,
The energy of life's kindled glow
And it's sincere warmth.

The bare turf of the earth
Is enriched by the spoil of greenery.
Within Steiner's plant kingdom,
Stinging nettle is like an iron kettle,
Sulfur is vital in yarrow just as it is in one's marrow;
From the hearts of space,
Dandelions absorb energy from darkness where light is erased;
Chamomile stabilizes the growth of plants as does a meal,
Oak bark chases away illness and its mark,
And valerian will mend the soil with the help of the toil of man.

In haste,
The ecliptic arouses fear and tribulation,
Threatening growth and production.

Balance is restored across the land
Of life and vitality,
Due to the succession of wonders in creation. 
 Picture by Sandra Coc Cucul 
Class of 2012

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